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Top 10 Highest Salary Paying Jobs In India Per Month In 2023

Top 10 Highest Salary Jobs in India Per Month; Know Here!

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A significant factor in choosing a Career is the highest salary jobs in India per month. The most crucial time of one’s life is when they’re deciding on their Career. The pressure is inscrutable. 

During this pressure, many times, people take the wrong decision. 

The problem is the need for more research. That’s why we’ve brought a well-researched answer to your questions.

Let’s begin with the basics, How to Choose a Career?

One must keep some factors in mind given below

  • Abilities: One must keep in mind if the Skills required for that Career resonate with you. 

  • Formal Training/ Education: Certain Jobs require specific eligibility. For, e.g., Graduation, MBA, PhD, etc.

  • Job Opportunities: Along with passion, it is vital to see the ongoing trend. How many Jobs are available? Is the Career a growing domain? Does the Profession have the highest-paid Jobs in India or the country one belongs to?

  • Monetary Value: Now, when you’re set on a Career and know the availability of opportunities. It is time to see how much that job is paying you. Does it satisfy your short-term and long-term goals? Is there scope for growth in the said career?

  • Work-Life Balance: Lastly, how much time are you willing to give to the Job, and how much time does it ask of you?

Once all these questions are answered, you’re ready to start your Journey of independency!

So, if you find yourself stuck in the process of choosing or don’t know where to start, we’re here to make it a little easy.

Look at the high-paying jobs in India and see if they fit your criteria.

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10 Highest Salary Jobs in India per month you need to know

Are you someone who has good leadership skills?

Can you make tasks reach completion?

Do you like managing Products, Processes or even, at times, the entire Team?

Well, behold the highest salary jobs in India per month for the same:

1. Project Manager

An expert who organizes, plans, and manages projects while adhering to constraints like budgets and timetables is known as a project manager. 

Project managers oversee the entire team’s work, establish the project’s objectives, consult with partners, and see it through to completion.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 1 to 1.5 Lakhs 

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in management / MBA

2. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers promote companies, their offerings, ideas, or brands. They create pricing and advertising strategies, create different clientele, and manage the marketing employees.

In addition, they oversee marketing expenditures and find patterns.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 50 – 58K

Qualification: Master’s degree in mangement/ MBA (Sales)

3. Financial Manager

The economic stability of an organization is the responsibility of the financial managers. They analyze data and offer senior executive profit-maximizing suggestions. 

They must also direct investment operations, produce financial reports, and formulate plans for the organization’s long-term financial objectives.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 75 – 83K

Qualification: Master‘s degree in finance/ MBA (Finance)

4. Operations Manager

An operations manager is a specialist who ensures everything goes without a hitch from day to day.

They address customers’ demands for cost-effectiveness while maximizing processes and procedures.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 58 – 66K

Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce or a related field.

Following are the highest paid jobs in India in FINANCE:

5. Corporate Finance Professionals

A corporate finance manager is the business’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Corporate finance managers keep tabs on the business’s finances. They conduct data analysis and offer top management personnel suggestions on increasing revenues. 

They frequently collaborate in teams and provide business advice to executive employees. 

Highest salary jobs in India per month:  Rs. 50 – 58K

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in finance plus required certification

6. Investment Banker 

An investment banker sells equities and issues loans to raise funds for companies and individuals. These highly analytical experts, also referred to as investment banking analysts, supervise mergers, conduct studies and create legal and financial documentation.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 75 – 79K 

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in finance or a related field

Diploma in banking


7. Bank Manager

The daily management of a bank or financial institution‘s branch is the responsibility of a bank branch manager.

A branch manager typically interacts with clients and other staff members at the branch, but they can also engage with operations supervisors to enhance branch procedures.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 58 – 66K

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in a related field plus experience 

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8. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers make investment decisions.

They create and manage portfolios, decide what and when to acquire and sell investments and develop and implement investment strategies and processes to suit client goals and restrictions.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 83 – 91K

Qualification: MBA or equivalent with the required certification

9. Foreign Exchange Trader 

Exchanging currencies between nations at market rates is referred to as the foreign exchange.

Foreign Exchange Specialists are in charge of all foreign exchange inquiries, transactions, stock control of foreign currency, traveller’s checks, and supplementary items. 

Foreign Exchange Bureaus are located in retail travel agencies, business travel agencies, or at the airport.

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 66 – 75K

Qualification: Master’s degree in finance

10. CEO

Chief Executive Officers, also known as CEOs, are usually the company’s brains.

They are in a place to make significant choices for the business and serve as its public face in the media. One of the main qualities of a CEO is leadership.

 It is an organization’s highest position, and the CEO is in charge of the general management of the entire enterprise.

(Best Salary Job/Career in India)

Highest salary jobs in India per month: Rs. 30 – 31 Lakhs

Qualification: Graduation (Management)/ MBA and depends upon companies requirement


Other professions with the best Salary jobs in India are the mainstream Data Scientist, Medical Profession, Law Profession, and such, which many of us already know about, or the information about them is available easily.


The professions mentioned above are the best salary jobs in India yet are very little spoken of. 

If you find the formalities, legalities, management, finances and such intriguing and if they match your calibre, do give them a chance; don’t forget to make a growth chart in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Banking, Marketing and Banking & Operations to name a few.

As a banking or finance professional, you can have an average salary of 3 LPA.

Baking jobs in top financial companies are very high-salaried jobs.

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