Success Story

Sep 17

Abhinav Kumar Meet Abhinav -"A mentor from Expertrons who looks at his life as a story where we learn about the world and ourselves at every new chapter" Abhinav, who moved to a boarding school in 2005, followed by studying in Durgapur and Dhanbad away from his home, started by sharing... read more →
Sep 16

Aayush Dhoot Meet Aayush Dhoot - A mentor at Expertrons. A few mantras shared by the man who describes himself as both a pessimist and optimist Aayush, an ambitious boy from Kota, moved to Mumbai, to join the IIT and grab every possible opportunity in this city of dreams. Ayush, who... read more →
Sep 16


“Every idea is just a saying without hard work”  Meet Devdutt, a mentor from Expertrons sharing his hustle inspirations. Devdutt describes himself as an ambitious, fearless and hardworking person. Devdutt, who is  PhD student at IIT Gandhinagar believes that a proper and clear vision is essential to be able to... read more →
Aug 24

Ankit Agarwal

“It's not the skill you start with, but the attitude you move forward with, that will take you to success” Meet Ankit, Manager (Finance Operations) at HSBC, and a mentor from Expertrons’ Wall of Fame. Ankit’s career trajectory began after he landed in a public sector firm after completing... read more →